Diving on the Sunshine Coast is a must for any diver. The waters in the area have been rated by the Jacques Cousteau Society as the second best in the world for clarity and the diversity of marine life. The area is full of sea anemones, star fish, colorful nudibranchs, sponges and much more.

You may even see wolf eels or the giant Pacific octopus.

The Lund Seaside Inn has many great snorkling  sites in the area. You can jump off of our float and tour around the island to see the variety of marine life. If a boat adventure is for you we are within a 10 minute boat ride to three fantastic sites. The Iron mines offers  a shear wall into the abyss with plenty of marine life.  

 Major rock is interesting with seals and sea lions in the area. A tour into the Copeland Islands will have you swimmimg along the reefs looking for octopus. What ever site you choose you will have an unique Sunshine Coast experience.

You can snorkle here yearound but the best times are in the fall and winter where the viability can reach up to 100'. The water ranges between 8 -24 celsius (surface water can reach the mid 20's)